Top Trends to Dominate Your Social Media Strategy

Top Trends to Dominate Your Social Media Strategy

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Top Trends to Dominate Your Social Media Strategy

The social media landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

From mobile domination to the ever-increasing impact of visual marketing, 2014 was another year full of change.

However, one thing remained the same. A stagnant, or worse yet, non-existent strategy left many at a huge disadvantage.

So, how can you look to the future and determine what trends will impact your company? And how can you integrate new trends to improve your social media results in the coming year?

I was thrilled to join Buffer last week on #BufferChat where we tackled this topic. We discussed social media trends, goal setting and 2015 predictions that will impact your social media strategy.

If you’re ready to hit the ground running in 2015, read below for the top trends that should dominate your social media strategy.

Dominate Your Social Media Strategy

QUESTION 1 – Why is a social media strategy important?

A1: A social media strategy allows you to be intentional and strategic, giving you focus and purpose.

A1: Strategy means you’re productive, not busy. You implement a daily plan that propels your business forward.

A1: Strategy focuses on telling your story, encouraging deeper, more significant relationships.

QUESTION 2 – What are some key statistics to reflect on in the past year?

A2: There’s 80 million US millennial’s – 63% say they keep up with companies on social. How are you staying relevant?

A2: Pinterest is a mover and a shaker grabbing 41% of the Ecommerce traffic compared to Facebook’s 37%.

A2: Content with images get 94% more views than those without. Consider this as you look to spread your message.

QUESTION 3 – What were some surprising social media trends of 2014?

A3: Businesses learned to “show, not tell” as users continue to trend towards a visual marketing experience.

A3: Companies finally realized that investing time and money into social media is a requirement, not a luxury.

A3:  Competition for attention is fierce and mobile is a driving force in capturing consumer attention.

QUESTION 4 – Looking ahead, what are some trends for 2015 in social media marketing?

A4: Brands will be more available than ever to their audience, engaging in meaningful two-way conversations.

A4: Content marketing is no longer an outsourced concept, but moves in-house as a joint companywide effort.

A4: Mobile, mobile, mobile! Mobile departments will grow as app and ad development continues to expand.

QUESTION 5 – What platforms might be more important to focus on in 2015?


A5:  Instagram has emerged as exceptional opportunity, no matter the industry. It’s time companies take a 2nd look.

A5: Snapchat, the little app that gained big exposure in 2014 will continue to become a brand fave.

A5: Pinterest is a key social network and still overlooked by many. It has website traffic superpowers!

QUESTION 6 – What is key in crafting attainable social media goals?


A6:  Know what you want to get out of social media. You can’t set attainable goals without a destination in mind.

A6: Research your keywords and create a hashtag strategy around them. Get targeted in your conversations!

A6: Know your customer and create content they (not YOU) want to read and share.

QUESTION 7 – What are the top three blogs to follow in 2015?

A7: Enchanting Marketing from @HennekeD – her writing is educational, inspirational and always

A7: Not a blog, but a podcast. The Chalene Show from @ChaleneJohnson – so good!

A7: Social Media Examiner, Hubspot, and Buffer via Kristin Linde

A7: Lots of goodies to choose from in this tweet from Michael Boyce!

Final Thoughts

Social media is here to stay. Whether you decide to embrace it today or tomorrow, one thing is for sure. Without an effective strategy, you’re doomed to repeat your past mistakes.

It’s time to adjust your thinking, adapt to upcoming trends and implement what makes sense for your business.

As Max McKeown said,

Adaptability is the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.Click To Tweet

I don’t know about you, but I’m here to win. How will you adapt to win?


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