How To Solve Your Biggest Instagram Challenges With Planoly

How To Solve Your Biggest Instagram Challenges With Planoly

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I’ve recently been testing a fantastic new app for Instagram called Planoly. I can’t wait to share some of my favorite features that will help solve some of your Instagram challenges. This isn’t a sponsored review – I just wanted to share an app that I love! I’m currently using the free trial.

How To Solve Your Biggest Instagram Challenges

Common Instagram challenges

  • I can’t organize my content for Instagram
  • I post a photo and it doesn’t look right with my other Instagram photos
  • I can’t find comments to respond to
  • I like to work on my laptop but can’t easily get things on my phone to post them
  • I work with a team and we can’t get a good workflow down
  • I forget to post on Instagram

All these challenges are solved in Planoly! And it’s reasonably priced which is fantastic. $7 per month U.S. for the single plan or $15 for the Duo plan which allows you two Instagram accounts and one team member.

What is Planoly?

Planoly is an end to end Instagram management platform. It allows you to visually plan & schedule for Instagram. Drag and drop your photos to see how it’ll actually look on your Instagram profile feed before scheduling it to post. Play with the layout and think like a magazine editor. I’ve recommended this to you in the past and now Planoly makes it easy to do!

No, you can’t schedule your Instagram posts and forget about it – Instagram doesn’t want that to happen yet. But what you can do with Planoly is everything leading up to publishing your post with a notification to remind you when you’ve scheduled it. Once you’ve scheduled your post, you’ll receive a notification on your phone when it’s time to post your photo. The photo is uploaded to Instagram and you paste in your pre-written description. Super easy!


Think like a magazine editor

Once you’ve edited your photos, you can upload them to Planoly. When they are on the grid, you can see which photos look good next to each other and drag and drop them to reorganize them.

This is what my all my posts look like on my iPhone. This is a combination of my currently posted, scheduled, and unscheduled posts.

Instagram photos


You can also view just your unscheduled posts or scheduled posts so it’s very flexible.

Synced content? Yes please!

You can use the web dashboard at and iOS app with the same account. All of your content will sync between the web and app seamlessly.

It is easy to upload, just click on the camera icon to upload photos into your Planoly library. Then you can play with the arrangements of your media. Once you’ve planned your content, schedule the date & time to post in Instagram.

When uploading media on the app, make sure you don’t close out the app completely to ensure the media are synced.

Find User Generated Content and Regram

Love this feature! Brands can now easily find content with keywords and hashtags to share their communities posts. If you’re regramming a post, you can also view it on the grid to be sure that it matches your Instagram aesthetic.


1. TAP the upload icon
2. TAP discover, and user generated content will appear
3. Search content by users or hashtags on the search bar
4. HOLD DOWN to each content to preview
5. TAP add + caption icon (on the right side next to #’s) to include or exclude original user’s captions
6. Original username will always be saved regardless if you choose to include their original captions or not
7. To add to your Grid, just TAP on one or multiple content to select (pink border appears when selected)
8. TAP the ADD button at the top right corner
9. Then TAP upload
10. Your discovered media is now added to your Planoly Grid. So easy, right?! Now you can drag & drop to arrange your feed and plan as usual!

Create Rules for your Instagram Photos

From superstar Instagram Marianna Hewitt of Life with Me, “Give yourself a set of style rules for your photos and keep this in mind BEFORE taking your photo and this will instantly help your feed feel more cohesive.” Marianna has almost 600,000 followers and her Instagram is amazing.

She created rules for her photos and edits them the same each time to create a cohesive, stunning Instagram account. She works with major brands based on all her hard work. #Goals, am I right?

I hope this gives you some ideas to rock your Instagram account and really move towards creating something unique and special with your photos. Getting organized is always a huge leap and this app will definitely help. Give the free trial a try and let me know what you think!

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