How to Create a Social Media Presence That Says Hire Me

How to Create a Social Media Presence That Says Hire Me

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Whether you’re looking for a job, trying to connect with potential clients, or managing a small business, social media can be the key to getting hired. Learn how to create a social media presence that says “hire me!”

How to Create a Social Media Presence That Says Hire Me


Let the world know who you are

While many people aren’t comfortable talking about themselves, if you’re looking to build a social media presence for yourself you’re going to have to work on it.

Creating a long and short bio is the first step. It’s complicated to write succinctly and get all the main points in but with some work you can get it just right. This is something that will need to be revisited occasionally to make sure its up-to-date.

  • Write an aspirational bio – create a vision of where you’re going, not just where you’ve been
  • Think keywords for search – don’t add long strings of keywords rather write for humans and sprinkle in your main focus in an authentic way
  • Be honest – don’t be foolish, the truth is a Google search away
  • Be unique in your messaging to stand out

Be consistent with your social media presence

When you first get started you may only be on one social media platform but as you grow, you’ll want to keep your information the same so people will recognize you. A few ways to achieve this:

  • Use the same name on all accounts
  • Use the same profile photo for all accounts – it’s scary to get a professional photo taken but it’s worth getting past your anxiety
  • Create a professional email using your name on Gmail or Outlook

Grab the power of Linkedin

Connections are the power of Linkedin – networking is not only for job seekers. Linkedin is a powerhouse of professional connections that can go beyond your social media presence into your real-life career. Linkedin has been quietly adding features to its site and although tiny tweaks have been popping up over the past year, it Linkedin is primed to be the next overnight success.

While Linkedin doesn’t have the glam look of Pinterest or the speed of Twitter, it does have a huge population of people ready to connect and grow their own personal networks and expertise.

1. Update your Linkedin profile

Make sure you use keywords in your headline, current experience, past work experience, and in your summary. Don’t oversell yourself – be honest in your assessment of your skills and experiences. Everything is Google searchable these days.

2. Add current projects

3. Write a recommendation for a partner or colleague

4. Add video interviews or podcasts to your summary

5. Check “how you rank” and boost your profile with suggestions from LinkedIn

Read more here: How to Build Thought Leadership with LinkedIn

Know Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach? If your answer is everyone…think again. From social media strategist Rebekah Radice, “Have you identified your

From social media strategist Rebekah Radice, “Have you identified your target market? If not, you’re more than likely speaking to the masses.

Whether your target market is an individual or a business, it’s important to understand what they’re looking for and why they’re interested in connecting with you.

Remember: a vague message will fall on deaf ears.

However, a message within a well crafted bio that’s written with your ideal client in mind will always hit the mark.

‘A well crafted bio that’s written with your ideal client in mind will always hit the mark. ‘ @rebekahradiceClick To Tweet

It’s important that you:

  • Be crystal clear in your description of each market you serve.
  • Be specific in the value you offer and the problems you solve.
  • Get inside the head of your consumer and know how they’ll interact with your business.
  • Understand where they’re spending their time and how to best position your skills given the social network”

Read more here on Rebekah’s website: How to Create A Powerful Social Media Bio

Keep active

Keeping your social media accounts flowing with great content in your field is super important for consistency but it can also be a motivator for you. Look at your daily networking on social media as little mini interviews. You never know who is following your conversations. Therefore, keep it smart and professional and it may pay off with the right connection down the line.

Announce your goals

Don’t be coy about the fact that you’re looking for clients or a new position (unless, of course, you’re currently employed). Send out a tweet every now and then with a link to your Linkedin profile to let people know where they can learn more about you and your skills. Timing can be everything in a job search.

If you’re looking for new clients, make this known as well. Use valuable space in your bios to entice people to check out your services on your blog. Be smart with links and custom text to say things like Hire Me! I use HirePeg to lead to my About page on my blog with more information on my speaking topics.

Creating short videos about current projects or areas of expertise can help round out your online presence and give prospective clients a look into your

I hope this gives you some ideas to tweak your social media presence and find that dream job or client that you’re looking for! I’d love to hear your success story with my tips or what’s been working for you in the comments below.

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