How To Boost Your Social Media Like a Boss

How To Boost Your Social Media Like a Boss

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Social media marketing is evolving at rapid speed. Being ordinary isn’t going to help your brand grow. In this article I want to share how to boost your social media like a boss and grow your business or brand.

How To Boost Your Social Media Like a Boss

It’s not rocket science to boost your social media but it does take planning and effort. Let’s look at some ideas that you can implement right away.

1. Think progress not perfection

Marie Forleo‘s weekly videos preach this simple (much needed) motto. If you focus too much on perfectionism you’ll stall your progress. “Perfect” is like “normal.” There is no such thing.

Give up the impossible ideal of “being perfect.” While maintaining professionalism and high standards allow for progress to happen with an attitude of moving forward as a work in progress that can evolve.

Great things can happen when the pressure is off to ‘be perfect.’Click To Tweet

2. Create quality not quantity

Cranking out a bunch of junk isn’t going to help your blog or bring business to your company.

Short, unfocused fluff will provide no value to your readers or clients. Strive to become the resource in your industry and provide information to inspire people to consume, comment on, and share your work.

The other side of this coin is creating content that reaches your social media goals.

Focus on developing a social media marketing plan to provide high quality materials that help reach your SMART marketing goals.

  1. specific – who are you trying to reach?
  2. measurable – how will you measure your activities?
  3. achievable – do you have ability to complete your plans?
  4. realistic – do you have talent and/or team to complete your plans?
  5. timely – can you reach your goals on time?

More isn’t better for social media content. Take the time to develop your goals and designing specific pieces of content [blog articles, live videos, produced videos, webinars, etc.] to create winning marketing to help your clients and attract people to your website.

Google rewards original content by bubbling it to the top of relevant searches. This must be earned by creating stellar work.

3. Tell your story

Stories make your content interesting and unique. Each person or brand has their own story and distinctive way to tell it.

I have certain parts of my social media journey that I talk about which are mine alone. The short version is that Twitter was my first social media love, I was super excited to tweet and converse with authors which lead to my starting a Twitter chat called #MyBookClub. I love to read so this brought me particular joy.

This story is specific to me and people love to hear about it.

Find pieces of your story that you can share with writing, visuals, or video. My friend Brian Scott is a farmer in Indiana and he creates really great media of his activities on his family farm.

This video Brian shot with his son has SIX MILLION views on Facebook. Brian takes photos, shoots video, and does some great stuff with drones. He’s a fantastic ambassador for the modern farmer. Who knew they used so much high tech equipment? Not me! By the way, I met Brian on Twitter years ago in a blogging chat.

4. Entice with visuals

Want people to see your content? Of course you do! Visual marketing gets your stuff seen. This super cool GIF was tweeted by Adobe to share some of their new features in the Creative Cloud suite of products.

5 .Build with consistency

Remember the stellar content in point #2? This needs to be done on a regular basis. Can you commit to post bi-weekly on your blog and once a week on your YouTube channel? When you’re making your plan be realistic with your goals and follow through with actions.

When people know that you’re posting something new every Monday at 9 am or going Live on your Facebook Page for a Friday video, they’ll anticipate and appreciate your efforts.

6. Be agile

I know this is scary but social media marketing moves quickly. Create smaller content plans by the quarter and be ready to reevaluate based on changes on the social marketing platforms. We’re held at the whim of the changes that are made on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Pay attention to the platforms that you’re investing time and money into and adjust accordingly.

I hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing for your social media. Get ready to boost your social media LIKE A BOSS! Let me know which idea you implement and how it works for you. Tried something different that I didn’t mention? Please share in the comments below.

Special note: I’m excited to be the keynote speaker at IWPA’s World of Wood Conference in San Francisco in April 2017 sharing how to boost your social media. I’ll also have a breakout session covering building your brand. Hope to see you there! 


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