DIY Design: How to Design Compelling Visual Content for your Blog

DIY Design: How to Design Compelling Visual Content for your Blog

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Hello INBOUND attendees and other readers! This is a resource post with links to the tools that I shared in my INBOUND 2016 session DIY Design: How to Design Compelling Visual Content for your Blog.

DIY Design How to Design Compelling Visual Content for your Blog

Creating shareable, eye-catching graphics is a must for blogs to get traffic.

Images can make or break a landing page, promotion, or social media post. They are the many faces and personalities of your brand, which is why it’s so important to get them right! But how, you ask, can you make them easily, quickly, all the while ensuring their effectiveness and quality? Learn some of my visual marketing powerhouse tips to design stunning images yourself.


Adobe Spark: My favorite for creating great visuals for my blog. I love them so much that I’m a brand ambassador for them! Everything I create in Spark is sharp, crisp, and professional. I get oodles of compliments on my Spark designs.

DIY Design is a must for small business owners, social media managers, and entrepreneurs. Time is the most valuable resource we have for our businesses. Being practical with project management and smart with our money has never been more important. We can’t always afford to work with a professional for our marketing and design needs. Enter Adobe Spark.

You can even create cool animations with Spark Post. Click the arrow to see it in action!

Learn more here: How to Kickstart your DIY Design Skills  

Social Warfare: This plugin allows you to add graphics to the backend of your blog posts so it doesn’t slow down your blog but gives people great graphics to share. On this article I have a featured image, a main image at the top, a Twitter graphic, and a Pinterest graphic. So many great ways to share this with graphics!

Click on the buttons so see how these share on social media. Or use your Pin it button to test it.

It’s very important to test your blog post social sharing to guarantee that your blog shares well on social media.

Trello: Keeps my life organized and easy to access across my desktop, smartphone, and tablets.

GIPHY: Find super fun GIFS to add a spark to your content. This is a cinemagraph which is animated photography – part of it is a still photo and part is animated. How cool is that?


Ezy Watermark: add your logo or signature to photos or graphics.

VSCO appa simple editing tool that adds professional filters to your images.

Graphics to design for each blog post:

Each blog post should have a featured image as well as graphics for social sharing.

Help make your readers superstars when they share your article by providing great visual content.Click To Tweet

Also create:

Pinterest 2:3 ratio or 735 pixels by 1102 pixels

Twitter 2:1 ratio or 500 pixels x 1000 pixels

Facebook and Instagram 1:1 ratio or 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels

Below is an example of an embedded Spark Page. You can create these so share on social media or as a landing page for an event or special offer. So many possibilities!

DIY Design

I hope these resources help add more vibrancy and spark to your blog posts and bring more traffic to your website with great visual content!

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