5 Solid Marketing Ideas To Help You Get Scrappy Like A Pro

5 Solid Marketing Ideas To Help You Get Scrappy Like A Pro

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We all need to work smarter, not harder on our marketing, right? I’m going to share five solid marketing ideas to help you “Get Scrappy” like a pro. That pro is Nick Westergaard author of Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small.

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We all need to work smarter, not harder on our marketing.Click To Tweet

Whether you’re a small business, entrepreneur, or large company many marketing objectives remain the same. During the initial social media marketing evolution, small brands have shown up in Newsfeeds and timelines across different platforms on equal footing but monster budgets give big brands a huge advantage with their ability to outsource talent and manpower. The divide grows as social media advertising has become essential to reach potential clients as well as current customers giving big brand budgets the best opportunity to be seen. But have no fear – you can become a scrappy marketer and prosper with your social media campaigns.

“Scrappy is thinking like an underdog (even if you aren’t) with a winning and determined mindset. getting scrappy is more than just being cheap. Scrappy also isn’t about dumbing down your marketing and saving your brain cells. In fact, getting scrappy is about using more of your brain to help you do more with less. That’s why a key tenet of the Scrappy Mindset is putting your brains before your budget. To do more with less, you need to first define what it is that you’re doing.”

I’m going to share a few highlights from Nick’s book, Get Scrappy, but make sure to grab your own copy so you can highlight, dog-ear, and savor. Your updated marketing plan will thank you.

Take these five marketing ideas and apply them to your social media

1. Community counts

“Among the new opportunities digital marketing has brought about is the ability to cultivate and grow online communities. We don’t simply talk at our fans and customers anymore. We have conversations with them that help us build community. A passionate, brand-driven community can be a powerful way to connect people and create an army of brand ambassadors.”

2. Find inspiration in unexpected places

“Technology is moving too fast for you to be confined by the proven ideas in your industry. To stay ahead, you have to learn to collect insights and ideas from beyond your specific niche and industry.”

3. Measure What Matters

“Metrics are abundant in digital marketing. Measure what matters by aligning your performance data around your map’s destination or business objective. Use these metric recipes to help you share your success with the rest of your team.”

4. Embrace your people power

“Make no mistake about it, for many, there is a people problem in marketing today. “Lack of time” is among the biggest content marketing challenges reported across industries, according to the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.  This lack of time is directly associated with who’s doing the work and how it’s getting done. Data from Salesforce shows that 60 percent of organizations have a 1-to 3-person social media team.” Yikes!

5. Connect your digital dots

You need to bring all your plans together: email marketing, paid search, and social media. Trying to manage them separately is time-consuming and ineffective.

“To get our social media and content marketing efforts in gear, we have to create a sustainable engine capable of producing engaging content and conversations on an ongoing basis. It’s also noteworthy that “How do we get the work done?” is itself a question. Building an engine powered by questions can help you create the marketing you need to arrive at your destination and accomplish your goals effectively and efficiently while informing, educating, and entertaining your customers.”

Reality check:

‘Social media unicorns don’t exist.’ Nick WestergaardClick To Tweet

I hope you’re inspired to read more and dig into these scrappy marketing ideas. Let me know what works for you on your marketing in the comments below.

Load up your reading list for a scrappy, full library of marketing ideas. I also recommend:

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The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users – the book I co-authored with marketing legend Guy Kawasaki

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