33 Ways to Use Social Media to Make Sales

33 Ways to Use Social Media to Make Sales

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use social media to make sales

Ever wonder how to use social media to make sales?

Or what steps you should take before using social media as a lead generation tool?

While using social media for awareness isn’t new, converting connections into leads is.

In fact, it’s the top challenge I hear from small business owners and entrepreneurs. But how about this?

96% of website visitors say they’re not ready to buy when they land on your site. (Source: Marketo) That makes social sales all that much more important.

Unfortunately, many business owners miss the opportunity to boost profits and sales. This is due to the lack of a well-defined sales process or sales funnel.

The reason? They (and maybe this is YOU) perceive social selling to be too hard.

Whether it’s creating the process or putting the system in place, it can feel overwhelming. But here’s the good news. It doesn’t have to be!

That’s why we decided to dive into this tough topic on #InfluencerChat. During our weekly conversation, me and co-hosts Ann Tran and Diana Adams shared top ways to use social media to make sales.

Here’s the roundup of our conversation along with highlights from everyone that joined us.

33 Ways to Use Social Media to Make Sales

Q) What steps should you take before using social media as a lead generation tool?

1. Before using social media to generate leads, take time to provide valuable content in your posts. Give before you receive.

2. “For successful lead gen on social, connect with prospect’s challenge and give them a next step to move forward.” – ChrisBrogan

“For successful lead generation on social, equip your buyer for success. Be personable, connect with your prospect’s challenges, and give them a next step to move forward.” – ChrisBrogan Click To Tweet

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3. Make a list of keywords & hashtags related to your business. Engage with people. Tweet with them. Make new connections!

4. It’s about relationship building. There are tons of new contacts & leads to be found, but it’s up to you to nurture them.

Q)  How can you use social media to move leads into your sales funnel?

5. Each social media site is unique. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. Learn the lead generation process on each site.

6. Twitter can help you move leads into your sales funnel. Set up Lead Generation Cards. Contacts can safely send you info.

7. If done right, Facebook promotions work incredibly well. Don’t forget your call-to-action (on your page & in your posts).

Q)  How do you position your brand as one that encourages customers to take action with your business?

8. Companies need to be creative, fun and consistent in driving brand awareness or services through social media campaigns. #InfluencerChat

9. Building brand familiarity requires a budget and a long term marketing plan to stay in the forefront of #socialmedia.

10. Engage & interact with your fans. Answer the comments people leave on your Facebook posts. Respond to tweets on Twitter!

Q)  How do you determine which #socialmedia channels speak to your specific audience?

11. Set goals and measure accordingly to allocate funds and manpower for each channel of your campaign.

12. Listen and fine tune your messages for each channel as social media moves at hyper speed.

13. Where are your customers & potential customers hanging out? Which social site? Study the demographics. Look at your data

Q) Are your brand/business social media channels accessible and approachable?

14. Become accessible & approachable on social media by being relatable. Humanize your brand with visuals and storytelling.

15. Conversing with a persona makes it easier for the social team to successfully stay on topic and develop relationships.

16. Understand and integrate your target audience’s interests, passions, and concerns.

Q) How do you create content that engages your audience and causes them to take action?

17. Show the audience why they need your brand and not your competitor’s brand. Demonstrate your value.

18. The key is to communicate effectively and consistently through brand ambassadors and advocates on the desire to purchase.

19. Consider a budget for the creative voices (advocates) you recruit through #socialmedia.  Don’t be shortsighted. Think long term.

Q) How can you use visual social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest for lead generation?

20. Visuals are a powerful way to connect and anchor your campaign. People digest them quickly and engage with them easily.

21. Pinterest and Instagram provide excellent opportunities to showcase your products, staff and company culture in photos.

22. People use Pinterest to search. Keywords are very important. Get in the mind of the person searching on Pinterest.

23. On Instagram – create short, engaging, creative videos containing a call-to-action. Remember to pack it with value!

24. Pinterest Lead Generation 101: Best Practices and Hacks That’ll Make You a Pro (on @HubSpot) – http://bit.ly/1eXEvb6

Q) Social media advertising can be a valuable lead generation tool, especially during the holidays. What are best practices?

25. When you are selling on social (which is a global sphere), be sensitive to different religions, cultures and regions.

26. Understand your goals and proceed strategically – always remembering that you are connecting with real human beings.

27. The success of your holiday social media campaigns depends on how well you planned and prepared. Plan and plan early!

Q) How can social media improve search results and move people over to your website?

28. Social media and SEO are soulmates. Each works in tandem as organic, inbound drivers to increase share of voice / reach.

29. Think Pagerank is dead? Think again. Social media impacts Pagerank which moves people to your website.

30. Have you spent time on keyword/intention based research? Use #socialmedia to improve results through organic search.

Q) With 82% of leads generated through Twitter, what best practices can be used to gain leads and sales?

31. On Twitter it’s about brand loyalty. Build Twitter loyalty just like you would offline..through trust & mutual respect.

32. You can’t go wrong if you’re continuously providing relevant, valuable information. This is key to Twitter success.

33. Learn to identify the difference between hot, warm, cold Twitter leads. Don’t sales-pitch everyone or you’ll be ignored.

Final Thoughts

If want to close a deal, you’re going to have to tighten up your social sales process. Closing is about advancing the sales process and identifying your buyer’s journey.

It’s knowing what they need, how you’re going to provide it and then naturally offering that solution within your conversation.

The more you work your social sales process, the more comfortable you’ll become with it. And the more comfortable you are, the more social media sales you can make!

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